Tauern Spa Kaprun

Monumental Austrian Alps with their glaciers are the main attraction of visitors Kaprun and the surrounding areas. In addition to the extensive ski- wide network of hiking trails in the area of Kaprun can visit many other extraordinary places.

An interesting travel or tourist destination are alpine dam. The most famous is the dam Mooserboden at an altitude of 2036m.n . m and forms the center of the so-called mountain group Glocknergruppe .

Another treat is then waterfalls Sigmund Thun Klamm . Ancient ice age created the melting of ice on the southern outskirts of Kaprun rocky gorge Sigmund Thun Klamm, which is about 320 meters long and goes over the creek , which makes forms beautiful waterfalls. Experience is then walk along the boardwalk that goes over the gorge and along the rocks .

Equally beautiful experience are then trips sparkling mountain lakes in the heart of the Austrian Alps.

History lovers can visit the castle of Kaprun renovated , located in the Pinzgau valley . The exact date of the fort is not known to historians , however, believe that his past dates back to the 12th century . The castle is dominated by a Romanesque elements. Castle Kaprun is the place zdařené reconstruction of cultural events , concerts and theater performances. The most famous event is the annual July castle festival in the spirit of medieval battles , knights and peddlers .

For the youngest visitors Kaprun will be an interesting attraction hiking in the mountain pasture with llamas that carry luggage and pleasant variegation in learning about traditional indigenous practices .

After a demanding sport and the necessary relaxation in rest days is ideal to visit the museum of historic cars ” Museum Vötter’s Fahrzeugmuseum . ” Dozens of exhibits on display in a stylish setting catch the attention of motorists inflamed .